Sunday, August 24, 2008

Our New Puppy Izabelle!

We got a new puppy yesterday from the Collville Animal Rescue. Her name is Izabelle, Izzy for short, and she is a black lab. She was the only black puppy from a litter of 10. Her mom was a dog named Sophi who showed up at the animal shelter one day. They went to get her spayed so they could adopt her out to a family and found out that she was very pregnant and would be having lots of little puppies at anytime. We found out about Izzy on and wanted her right away. She is such a cute little girl and is very sweet. It didn't take long for her playful personality to come through. She is very fun to have around. The only problem is she still has a little bit of a hard time being away from all her brothers and sisters over night. There was a little difficulty last night but hopefully she will sleep through the night soon. We wanted to share our puppy with all of you.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Our Two Year Anniversary!!

Adam and I celebrated out 2 year anniversary this month and it was great! We went out to dinner at one of our favorite restaurants. It is called Wolf Lodge and it is a great steak house. Oh, the steak there is delicious. Adam and I try to enjoy more than just steak by getting two different dishes and spliting them. I get the Lil' Dude which is like a 12 oz sirloin and Adam gets the delicious Tiger Prawns and we split it down the middle and enjoy a little surf n' turf. Well, it was a little different this time. The shrimp was cooked a little different. Usually it is battered and this time it was split down the middle and barbequed. We weren't expecting the change but it was still good.

So we got the bill and I opened it and I had to look at it twice becuase I was so sure the waitress got the prices wrong and charged us twice for the shrimp. I looked at it a third time and realized no, it wasn't charged twice the shrimp really did cost us $49.95 for 6 stinkin' shrimp!! My jaw dropped and I looked at Adam and I said, "Uh, did you know the shrimp was $50 bucks?!!" "What? Your kiddin'!" He took the bill from me an sure enough his jaw dropped as well. Usually when we get this meal the total bill is $50.00 not just one plate. Add on the steak, two huckleberry lemonades and a diet coke and you got yourself one expensive anniversary dinner. We weren't quite expecting this.

We were sure the menu didn't say $49.95 so we went and got the menu and looked and sure enough next to the Tiger Shrimp it didn't say $49.95 it said "Market". What the crap is that all about?! Just because it says market they can charge us whatever they want? I can't believe our waitress didn't let us know what the current "market" price for 6 Tiger Shrimp was $50 stinkin bucks. Needless to say, we paid our stinkin' bill and left the restaurant learning a lesson of what "market" truly means and knowing that we wont get taken by those restaurants ever again.

It reminded us of when we got taken for $45.00 when we parked in a parking lot in Hawaii for a tour. We saw a sign that said early bird special $7.00/day before 9:00 am. It was 5 minutes to 9 according to our car clock and so we took our ticket and parked and ran to catch our tour bus because we were way late. When we got back and rang in our ticket and said $45 dollars Adam just looked at the lady and said "excuse me?". Our ticket rang up saying we got here at 9:01 and we were charged $5.00 an hour to park there. It wasn't even a parking garage for crying out loud. Our car was hot when we got into it. What is that about!! Ripped off again. No more I say!

All in all, our anniversary was great! We have enjoyed the last two years and they sure have gone by fast. We are excited about the years to come and what this next year will bring.