Thursday, November 27, 2008

Late Birthday Present

We were finally able to give Ava and Emma their birthday present and it was so fun to watch them open it and play with the present. It was a set of bath toys and they sure liked to chew on the pieces.

Here is a little video of them opening their presents. Watch for Emma and her little pat, pat that she does. It is so adorable. They are the cutest little twin nieces ever!!

The Coolest Dog Ever!!

I just need to say that we have to coolest dog ever! Izabelle is such a snuggler and just loves being around people. She is so friendly and so much fun. We got her spayed last week and it was so sad to see her in so much pain. She could barely sit down or lay down on her own with out yelping in pain. Adam had to pick her up and lay her down gently on her side. Then every once in a while in the middle of her sleep she would wake up yelping in pain and jump up onto her feet. She would be so tired that she would be standing on her feet and start swaying back and forth as she was falling asleep.

However, this pain only lasted 24 hours because I came home from work for lunch the very next day and she came running up to me so fast that I thought she was going to rip her stitches out. She was so excited to see me. But that is how it is everytime now matter how long the absense. She just loves being around people.

Lately, we have been going on a lot of road trips due to the holidays and we have been able to take her with us to my parents and Adam's parents houses. She loves the trips! She is a great passenger and loves to see new people and pets. Adam's parents have two dogs, Rocky and Malone, and Izzy loved to play with both of them. Malone didn't like Izzy as much due to territory concerns.

Izzy is also a great athlete, she loves to play fetch, soccer and basketball. She is a great defensive player, even though she gets a little growly when she gets a hold of the ball. All in all, we love out dog and we know if you came over and met her you would love her too!