Monday, December 21, 2009

No pictures until I have a baby

I am on strike! I am 3 days late and I am in great anticipation for Addison to come into the world. And so, I refuse to post any pictures of anything Christmas like until she is here. When she is here you will be bombarded with pictures of a cute little baby in front of our beautiful tree and maybe even some pictures of the proud mom and dad. Until then, you only get a new blog background. Sorry.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Getting ready for Addison's arrival

We have been working on the nursery and trying to get ready for our little bundle that is on her way in less than 8 weeks. Can you believe it! She is almost here. We have a crib and dresser now and are only in need of a glider. I found one at Baby Depot and we will buy it in a few weeks. One thing at a time you know, I don't want to get too overwhelmed. But we are getting very excited for her arrival and so I thought I would share some pictures of the nursery and for some of you who have been asking a pic of me at 32 1/2 weeks.
You may be looking at the little black girl in the picture on the wall, we don't actually know that girl it came with the frame. We will change it as soon as we get a pic of Addison.

Alright, here is the ever famous prego picture. It is the only one I will post so enjoy it while you can. Do I have the new motherly glow? I am thinking, "man, I can't wait to work out!"

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Keith "The Hottie" Urban

Last night Adam and I were able to go to the Keith Urban Concert at the Spokane Arena. Let's just say it was amazing!! We were sitting on the left side of the stage in the risers in the 7th row so we have a perfect view of him the whole time. Plus there was a mike about 15 feet away from us that made me very happy when he sang at that one. He throws such an amazing concert and is such an awesome performer. He can play like the guitar like crazy!!! There was one point when he was playing and his hand was just a blur. I got some pretty good shots of him and also the opening band Little Big Town who are also amazing and Jimi Westbrook is really hot too so it was a good fun night. Little band is rockin'!! If you every get a chance to see then you should because they throw a great concert too. What a way to open the night!Don't worry Adam knows of my obsession for these guys and he is not threatened at all. He knows he is number one in my book!!
Here is a picture of me with Keith in the background at the end of the concert. This is really like 15 feet away even through the camera makes it look farther away than this. He was so awesome!! Adam also got to touch his hand as he was leaving the stage. We walked over to the side rails of the risers where he was walking off thestage and reached down. Adam was up higher than me but since he is so much taller and has longer arms (and not big prego belly in his way) he was able to reach Keith but I just barely missed his hand. How sad. Oh well, I still have the fact that he told me he loved me at the Gorge 4 years ago right :)

I just want to publicly apologize to Tara for forgetting to call her yesterday on her birthday. I blame it on two reasons...1. Keith was on my mind most of the day and that is quite the distraction and 2. I am pregnant and can barely remember one thing to the next. I have to check my work schedule every morning just to make sure I go to work at the right time. Sorry bud, I will make it up to you on Thursday when I see ya!! Love ya man.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Evergreen State Fair

This Labor Day Weekend Adam and I went to Monroe with his parents to go to the Evergreen State Fair. We were also able to spend some time with some really good friends of the family, Cindy and Ernie in Snohomish. It was a great time to be with then and to see then again. We got there on Saturday and enjoyed some great fair food, a few rides, the fair animals, Alaskan Pig Races and of course the actual races. This is something I hadn't experienced before but I must say the races were pretty cool. I mostly liked it when they wrecked. But let me tell you after they wreck it takes a while to get the race going again. Some of the best races were the figure eights in my opinion. Talk about a ton of close calls. Here is just a short glimps. I got tired of filming because I wasn't able to pay as much attention to the action.

Here are a few pictures of us enjoying the fair.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Lots has happened...

It has been a while since I last wrote so I thought instead of a long drawn out story of everything I haven't been posting I would just post some pictures so you can get a quick snap shot of my life in the past month or ya go!
On August 1st we went to the Kenny Chesney concert in Seattle at the Qwest Field. It was so much fun. This is the second time that Adam and I have gone to this concert. This year Lady Antebellum opened (which we missed because it took us for dang ever to get out stupid wrist band to get to our seats because apparently a ticket isn't enough these days), then followed by Miranda Lambert (who in my opinion should have opened because I definitely wouldn't have missed missing her opening), then Montgomery Gentry, Sugarland and finally Kenny. It as a sweet show!! The only down fall was that this was the first weekend that my ankles started swelling. They were the size of the calves almost, at least it seemed to me. The funny thing is there was another pregnant lady sitting next to us and at one point in the concert we both had our feet up on the chairs in front of us.
These guys are awesome in concert if you every get the chance to see them.
Sugarland as always rocked the house! I love them!!
Kenny opened the show by flying over our heads suspended on a chair and it was so awesome seeing him so close. He always opens the new show in a new way and it is always fun to try and find where he is coming from when he starts to sing. It was a great show. He is such an awesome entertainer. I have to admit that the encore could have been better.

The 18th of August we took a family vacation to Lincoln City, OR. It was a lot of fun. It was the first time that my whole family, meaning my parents and all my siblings, were together since my wedding. It is the first time we have all been together for a vacation in who knows how long. It was so much fun. All the grandkids were there and we have a lot of fun spending time together and enjoying the coast. Here is a few photos of the best family vacation ever...
My little bro Andrew and our cute little niece Munchkin (I think that is what Erin calls her).
Emma and I playing a little game thru the sliding glass door. I would take her picture and show it to her and then she would make another funny face. I have like 5 other pics like this. She is hillarious!!

Believe it or not Emma really isn't riding the Sandrail, Adam took the picture at just the right time and it looks like she is having the ride of her life. This was probably the highlight of the trip for us. If you want a holy-crap-hold-on-for-dear-life feeling just ride the Sandrails in Florence. They were definitely the highlight of the trip for Adam, he loved it!!
These are only a few pictures from the trip. We also went whale watching and to the Oregon Aquarium plus a few trips to the beach playing in the water and flying kites. If you want to see more pics you'll have to check out other family member blogs or just wait till I scrapbook them and see them for yourself the next time you visit me. We had a great time and we were very excited to see Tara and Andy on the last day there even if it was for just a short time. I have to say, I have a hard time shopping with anyone else!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

We are having an Addison or a Piper!!

I had my first ultra sound today and it looks like Adam and I are going to be having a girl come December. It was quite an experience going to have the ultrasound. First of all it is not like the movies at all. The gel stuff was not cold and it didn't take 5 minutes to complete the ultrasound. It took 45 minutes and that gel stuff gets everywhere by the way. Our little girl didn't want to move so it took a while to get her in the right positions to do all the necessary measurements. But when she did we got some really good shots of her. We only got one picture printed from the doctors office but we also got a DVD of the ultrasound. Not all 45 minutes but just the highlights. Here are a few photos...first the 3-D ones.

And here is the one where she sin't shy to show us what she is!

I was exhausted after the ultrasound due to the anticipation of it all. Too bad I didn't have time to take a nap afterwards.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

It's all done...really it is

Okay, I know I said it was done before but now it really is finished. The couch is down there, although there was some doubt from the delivery guys that it wouldn't fit in the basement. After some scuffs on the wall they got it down there. The TV is mounted on the wall along with the entertainment consol and thanks to Adam's parents and some drill bits we got the surround sound up this weekend as well. One call to our good friend Andy and we even has satelite hooked up down there too. Here is the final photos.

So if you are feeling up to watching a good movie, you know who to call!!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Some news to fill in the gaps

It has been about 11 weeks since I have last written on this blog of mine and what a coincidence but I am 11 1/2 weeks pregnant!! That's right, it happened to me too. I have been trying to convince myself that it is true this whole time since unlike a lot of my family and friends I have had zero morning sickness. That's right, I said zero. Okay, I threw up twice but I only felt sick for a few minutes before and then afterwards I felt great so I don't think that counts as morning sickness. But, I have been exhausted. So that counts for something I guess. But it finally came to fruition for me today when I went and had my physical and Adam and I got to hear the heartbeat for the first time. It was a healthy 164 beats per minute and everything checked out great. The doctor checked everything out and it looks like everything is going great so far. My due date is December 18, exactly 1 week before Christmas. I hope I am not overdue for the holidays for the doctors sake. So, if anyone wants to come and hang with us for Christmas go right ahead because we aren't going anywhere this year. Right now the little baby is the size of a fig, just an 1 1/2 long. It is so crazy to think there is something actually in there. So, Adam and I are soon to begin the grand adventure of parenting. Wish us luck.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

It's finished!!

Well, not totally yet. A few outlets need to be switched out, we need furniture and our TV of course but other than that here is the finished product. Isn't it lovely.

Here is the extra bedroom down in the basement. It is really nice. Izzy loves the new carpet. She took a nap on it last night while we were upstairs. It is almost unheard of for her to sleep in a room where we are not hanging out so she must really like it.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Izzy's first swim

Adam and I went to Clarkston for Easter weekend. It was so warm and beautiful there that we took Izzy on a few walks to Swallows Nest Park along the river. We wanted to see what she would do if she jumped in and got wet. Adam threw in a stick to coax her into the water. She wasn't expecting what happened. Take a look...

She then came onto the dock after jumping in the water and was leaning over to take a drink or something when she slipped in head first into a full puppy dive. She was under for a few seconds before she came up, then she swam straight into shore to get out. I missed the fall into the water but I got her swimming. She is a good swimmer.

Monday, April 6, 2009

A Quick Update

A lot has happened since I last wrote on my blog. First of all our best friends moved away and now we feel lost and alone in the world of Spokane. No one else can replace you guys! But since then we have had a ton of time to work on our basement since we haven't had anything else to do. Now here is a before shot in case you have never seen it...

As you can see there is T1-11 siding covering the walls in the basement. Adam and some friends took this wall down and put up sheet rock. We did a smooth wall rather than texture and have painted it red. The ceiling was pop-corn style and we have since scrapped that off and retextured the ceiling to what I like to call Ralph-Style since it is the same technique my Dad used on our home in Clarkston. Here are some pictures of our hard work...

This is after 3 coats of paint...

And this is after 5 coats of paint! That's right I said 5!!!

So that is how our basement is coming along. It isn't done yet though. We have a carpenter coming in to put up our base molding, crown molding and window casings. Here is all the molding we had to paint. We got it done in 3 days.

We also have carpet going in next tuesday. We are almost done. I will post a picture when it is all said and done. Also, while we were working on the basement we did a little work to the upstairs bathroom. A little paint and a new light fixture. Now we just need to get a new mirror and new countertop rolling and it will be done. Here is an after, I never got a good before...

So more news, I was driving home from work one day and I was able to win tickets to see Plain White T's at the ZZU studio downtown with Adam. It was so awesome. I was like 5 feet away from them. I could almost pop their zits. Just kiddin' they didn't have any zits, but we were super close!! Here are some photos...

We also made a big purchase this last week. We bought a new vehicle. We traded in old Dusty and got a 2008 Dodge Nitro R/T. I have to say it is a darn sweet ride and I LOVE IT!!! It has less than 5,000 miles and is in mint condition. The former owners are from Omak and traded her in for a Charger so we got a sweet deal on a barely used Nitro. I have wanted a Nitro since they came out and I am so happy!! It has leather seats, which I thought I would never do since they are always so cold, but I compromised when I heard they were heated. Here she is...

Just a few more things, sorry this post is so long but it has been awhile. Here are some cute photos. My family came up to visit this weekend since Jason came in town to go to a friends wedding so I got some super cute pics of my nieces, Ava and Emma. Emma loved to play with Gordon and Izzy, but Gordon was too scared and Izzy was too playful.

Gordon is just out of reach.

Hanging outside on a nice sunny day!

A few photos of our super cute puppy.

Izzy really wants Gordon to play but he is too lazy.

She got caught licking the water up after I took a shower.

Izzy really likes to eat ice cubes.

Izzy playing hard with all her toys all over the living room.

Izzy's favorite thing to do it go on walks. This is us at Manito park, it was a little rough. I thought she was going to suffocate herself. There are too many people and dogs for her to handle. She just pulls and pulls and pulls.