Thursday, December 18, 2008

Snow Day!!!

At least for Adam it was. I had to walk to work. Another downfall of living close to work. It started snowing around 7:00 wednesday morning and finally stopped tonight around 4:00. But, actually I think it is snowing again right now as I am looking out the window. But here are a few pictures of the snow.

This is a picture of our table and chair set on our porch wednesday night. Measuring about 12 inches...

Here is a picture of the same set Thursday morning around 7:00, measuring 22 inches.

This is the latest picture from tonight around 6:30 measuring between 25 and 26 inches. Crazy huh!! I had to walk to work today because there still hasn't been a plow on our road so instead of getting stuck like everyone else in Spokane I decided to walk. Izzy and Adam were nice enough to walk with me. Izzy really loves the snow. She loves bounding through it like a rabbit. With how deep it is she gets lost easily in the white. Good thing she is a black lab.
Since the last time I wrote we have put christmas light up on our house and also our Christmas tree up. Our house looks really cool. I thought I would show a picture of the house before and after now so you can see just how much there really is. Here is the before...
Oh, so pretty right! And the after...
I guess I sang "White Christmas" a few too many times because it's here! Snow, snow, snow and more snow. I will leave you with a picture of our beautiful tree and don't worry about us, we are warm and safe.
Especially since we got our fireplace working in our living room. I love it, it is so cozy!

Merry Christmas everyone!! Hope you have fun and safe holiday!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Late Birthday Present

We were finally able to give Ava and Emma their birthday present and it was so fun to watch them open it and play with the present. It was a set of bath toys and they sure liked to chew on the pieces.

Here is a little video of them opening their presents. Watch for Emma and her little pat, pat that she does. It is so adorable. They are the cutest little twin nieces ever!!

The Coolest Dog Ever!!

I just need to say that we have to coolest dog ever! Izabelle is such a snuggler and just loves being around people. She is so friendly and so much fun. We got her spayed last week and it was so sad to see her in so much pain. She could barely sit down or lay down on her own with out yelping in pain. Adam had to pick her up and lay her down gently on her side. Then every once in a while in the middle of her sleep she would wake up yelping in pain and jump up onto her feet. She would be so tired that she would be standing on her feet and start swaying back and forth as she was falling asleep.

However, this pain only lasted 24 hours because I came home from work for lunch the very next day and she came running up to me so fast that I thought she was going to rip her stitches out. She was so excited to see me. But that is how it is everytime now matter how long the absense. She just loves being around people.

Lately, we have been going on a lot of road trips due to the holidays and we have been able to take her with us to my parents and Adam's parents houses. She loves the trips! She is a great passenger and loves to see new people and pets. Adam's parents have two dogs, Rocky and Malone, and Izzy loved to play with both of them. Malone didn't like Izzy as much due to territory concerns.

Izzy is also a great athlete, she loves to play fetch, soccer and basketball. She is a great defensive player, even though she gets a little growly when she gets a hold of the ball. All in all, we love out dog and we know if you came over and met her you would love her too!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Husband Tag

This is the first time I have ever responded to a tag. I'm sorry if someone in the past has tagged me and I haven't responded. I don't get to spend a whole lot of time on the computer because my husband or dog will want me to hang out with them. So here goes the tag given to me from my sista-in-law Natalie (her's was funny by the way) and I will be tagging my BFF Tara Sutton. Okay so here I go for my first tag!

1> What is his name? Adam Robert Leonard

2> How long have you been together? We met freshman year of college (february 2001) but didn't start dating until September 2005. I know what you are thinking, what took him so long to realize I was the coolest girl he would ever meet? I have no idea.

3> How long did you date? We got married in August 2006, so just under a year.

4> Who eats more? Adam always has. He has like a bottomless pit for a stomach and is never full it seems. But you couldn't tell by looking at us because he has a never ending metabolism to match.

5> Who said "I Love You" first? Adam did. We were in Pullman for a weekend football game and we were shopping at the Moscow mall and we were waiting for our friends to get done at the sporting good store and he said "I Love you" in the shoe section. It worked for me. I said it to him right back.

6> Who is taller? Thanks goodness Adam is, I'm already wider I wouldn't be able to stand it if I was taller too.

7> Who sings better? It has got to be Adam in all accounts. I'm not bad but I suck at hymns and I have a very narrow range in which I sound okay. He sings really good especially when he plays guitar.

8> Who is smarter? I have to take this one since I am the only one with a college degree so far, he will be finishing his this spring hopefully (love you honey).

9> Who does the laundry? I do. He will do it too if I ask or if he wants something cleaned. But usually it is me who does it and he will help fold as long as they aren't whites. He hates folding whites.

10> Who does the dishes? We both do this one pretty evenly. Usually who ever cooks the other does dishes.

11> Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? Well, if the right side is when you are actually laying down on the bed then Adam does. He always sleeps on his right side and I always sleep on my belly and look over my right shoulder because I can't sleep looking at people, expecially if I can feel their breath.

12> Who pays the bills? That would be me. I have always been a little anal over my expenses. I have to know exactly where my money is and how much I have all the time.

13> Who mows the lawn? Adam does. He keeps the yard very well kept all the time.

14> Who cooks dinner? This is another one where we are pretty even. Although Adam does cook a lot of good things and if we added it up he might have cooked more than I have since we have been married.

15> Who drives when you are together? Adam always does. I don't think he likes the way I drive. He thinks I am rough on the car.

16> Who kissed who first? Adam kissed me. But we both really wanted to I was just too scared since I had liked him since we met and it took me 5 years to find out he was even interested.

17> Who asked who out first? It depends on what our first date was. If it was the Jack Johnson concert than I asked him out first. If it was our trip to Leavenworth after the concert than it was Adam who asked first.

18> Who proposed? He did. It as a very cute way he did it too. We had been talking about marriage and he surprised me by coming to my apartment and staying for the weekend. He was at my house setting everything up while I was at work and when I came home there was a trail of roses and candles to my room. There was tons of flowers and candles in my room and he came in with his guitar, serenated me with a song, got down on one knee and proposed. It was very sweet.

19> Who is more sensitive? I'm gonna have to say Adam is.

20> Who has more friends? If you are talking about people you call and hang out with, Adam does. There is like two people I feel comfortable calling to hang out with, okay, maybe just one.

21> Who has more siblings? I definitely do since Adam is an only child.

22> Who wears the pants in the family? I would say we both have one leg each:)

Monday, October 20, 2008

Fall Weekend Fun

This weekend was a good one. We started it out by enjoying my birthday present that Adam got for me. Two tickets to Phantom of the Opera at the Spokane Opera House. It was a lot of fun to get dressed up and see the show. Adam didn't know the story line so I had to explain to him a lot of the plot since it was kind of hard to hear what they were saying. I don't know if the music was too loud for the actors or is it was just hard to understand them through their accents. But the music was amazing and the Phantom had an awesome voice. Although, I have to say that Gerard Butler from the movie is hard to compete with since he is so beautiful.
Then on Saturday we went to Pullman and saw the WSU vs. USC game which was a disaster. Our poor team has a new coach this year, is trying to rebuild and had to hold try-outs for a quarterback since all of our other quarterbacks are injured. It hasn't been a good season. We have only won one game against Portland State (not in our division) and were shut-out this weekend by USC 69-0, the first shut-out in 290 games (over 24 years)! So sad isn't it. But it was fun to go to the game with friends and check out the newly renovated CUB (which is overrated, I liked the old smelling CUB better).

I also got my new camera this week and was able to take some good photos of us at the game.

I really like this one of Brian and Andy. And here is the new jumbo screen that they put in the stadium. It shows a really nice picture, I just wish it had a better score to show.
Most of our entertainment came from these five guys that were standing in front of us. They were the only guys standing in our whole section and they stood the whole time. One guy (far left) looked like he hadn't taken a shower for a week and was getting really upset about the game. I don't know what he expected going to cheer on the cougars playing USC in our worst season in history but he was very passionate. I tried to get a video but they left at half-time. This other guy (brown cords) was dancing around and shimmied his butt the whole time. It was kind of weird. All in all an interesting, non-showering, group of WSU gentlemen.

On Sunday, Adam and I took Izzy to Riverside State Park and walked around the Bowl and Pitcher part of the park. It was so beautiful. I got lots of good pictures which I will post later because right now I have to get ready for work. But it was a great weekend and I enjoyed spending time with my friends in Pullman. It would have felt like old times if our football team actually did any good.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

The Oxycontin Thief Caught!!

If some of you haven't been keeping up with the oxycontin robber that has been robbing Rite-Aids here in Spokane he's finally been caught. He has been robbing pharmacies since June and was finally caught on Friday night at the Rite-Aid right across the street from where I work. Mom called me up all frantic saying that they caught a robber trying to rob Shopko Pharmacy. I was thinking holy crap my pharmacy got robbed!!! But, it wasn't us, it was the Rite-Aid and luckly the cops thought he was going to strike either October 2nd or 3rd so they were already at the Rite-Aid under cover ready to pounce if he came in. And sure enough a man came in late at night dressed in a red sweatshirt and sunglasses and slid a note across the counter demanding oxycontin and that he had a gun.

I have to admit I am relieved that he has been caught, but I have been having grand visions of me being the one who got to catch him. I had a plan that if he came to my pharmacy I was going to leap across the pharmacy counter, round-house kick to the head and knock him out and then call the police and take the reward money of $10,000. But alas, no such luck for me. The dang cops got him instead.

My other idea was that once he slipped me his note saying, "I have a gun give me all your oxycontin". I was going to slide him a note saying, "I have a shotgun hidden under my counter, get out of here before I blow your balls off."

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Our New Puppy Izabelle!

We got a new puppy yesterday from the Collville Animal Rescue. Her name is Izabelle, Izzy for short, and she is a black lab. She was the only black puppy from a litter of 10. Her mom was a dog named Sophi who showed up at the animal shelter one day. They went to get her spayed so they could adopt her out to a family and found out that she was very pregnant and would be having lots of little puppies at anytime. We found out about Izzy on and wanted her right away. She is such a cute little girl and is very sweet. It didn't take long for her playful personality to come through. She is very fun to have around. The only problem is she still has a little bit of a hard time being away from all her brothers and sisters over night. There was a little difficulty last night but hopefully she will sleep through the night soon. We wanted to share our puppy with all of you.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Our Two Year Anniversary!!

Adam and I celebrated out 2 year anniversary this month and it was great! We went out to dinner at one of our favorite restaurants. It is called Wolf Lodge and it is a great steak house. Oh, the steak there is delicious. Adam and I try to enjoy more than just steak by getting two different dishes and spliting them. I get the Lil' Dude which is like a 12 oz sirloin and Adam gets the delicious Tiger Prawns and we split it down the middle and enjoy a little surf n' turf. Well, it was a little different this time. The shrimp was cooked a little different. Usually it is battered and this time it was split down the middle and barbequed. We weren't expecting the change but it was still good.

So we got the bill and I opened it and I had to look at it twice becuase I was so sure the waitress got the prices wrong and charged us twice for the shrimp. I looked at it a third time and realized no, it wasn't charged twice the shrimp really did cost us $49.95 for 6 stinkin' shrimp!! My jaw dropped and I looked at Adam and I said, "Uh, did you know the shrimp was $50 bucks?!!" "What? Your kiddin'!" He took the bill from me an sure enough his jaw dropped as well. Usually when we get this meal the total bill is $50.00 not just one plate. Add on the steak, two huckleberry lemonades and a diet coke and you got yourself one expensive anniversary dinner. We weren't quite expecting this.

We were sure the menu didn't say $49.95 so we went and got the menu and looked and sure enough next to the Tiger Shrimp it didn't say $49.95 it said "Market". What the crap is that all about?! Just because it says market they can charge us whatever they want? I can't believe our waitress didn't let us know what the current "market" price for 6 Tiger Shrimp was $50 stinkin bucks. Needless to say, we paid our stinkin' bill and left the restaurant learning a lesson of what "market" truly means and knowing that we wont get taken by those restaurants ever again.

It reminded us of when we got taken for $45.00 when we parked in a parking lot in Hawaii for a tour. We saw a sign that said early bird special $7.00/day before 9:00 am. It was 5 minutes to 9 according to our car clock and so we took our ticket and parked and ran to catch our tour bus because we were way late. When we got back and rang in our ticket and said $45 dollars Adam just looked at the lady and said "excuse me?". Our ticket rang up saying we got here at 9:01 and we were charged $5.00 an hour to park there. It wasn't even a parking garage for crying out loud. Our car was hot when we got into it. What is that about!! Ripped off again. No more I say!

All in all, our anniversary was great! We have enjoyed the last two years and they sure have gone by fast. We are excited about the years to come and what this next year will bring.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Our Trip To Oregon

Every year Adam and I take a trip to Seaside, Oregon. It is actually a tradition that was started by my friend Tara's family and they were kind enough to take me on their spring break trip one year in college. I loved it so much that I decided to continue the tradition with my own family. This year instead of just Adam and I going by ourselves we invited my parents and my sister Denise. It was a lot of fun spending time with them in one of our favorite places. They had never been so we showed them all the fun things to do in Seaside including the arcade, flying kites, and riding the sand bikes. Mom took a turn on the sand bikes and after a tough start on the sand she got going and was riding all over the beach.

We went to breakfast at Pig N' Pancake, our favorite breakfast place in Seaside, and I happened to see Shannon my roommate from college and her family. How random is that? It happened to be their last day in Seaside and our first so it was good that we got to see each other before they left. I got a picture of Shannon and I in Pig 'N Pancake but sadly I lost that camera on the beach so I dont have it to share with everyone. Bummer. It was a great trip anyway.

The major improvements are done!!

After almost two months of living in the basement of our new house we were finally able to move upstairs to enjoy our new carpet and paint and all the other little things we did. As promised here are some before and after pictures of the house.

The Master Bedroom Before and Then...

The Office Before...And After

The Spare Bedroom Before...........And After

And of course the living room before and after...

Our Favorite part and place to hang out is probably the back yard and patio...

Saturday, July 5, 2008

It's Been a Long Time

Well, a lot has happened since the last time I wrote and I haven't had time to post any stories. We bought and moved into our new house and we love it! We have been working really hard on it to get it to where we want it. Since we have the time we have been living in the basement while we work on the upstairs. We have painted the whole upstairs and we are waiting for our carpet to be installed. Once that happens we can finally unpack and get settled. We can then have a big ol' BBQ and house warming party so you can all bring us gifts...I will leave a list of items we want at the end of this blog. Just kidding, we wont be asking for any gifts, maybe a bag of chips to bring to the BBQ or something. I will post before and after pictures later and maybe a pharmacy story or two. Hope everyone had a happy 4th! Thanks for all the help with got with painting from our family! We love you all.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Our Trip to Hawaii!!

So, we finally took the trip that we have always wanted to take when we got married. We went to Hawaii! It was the coolest and most fun trip I have ever been on. We stayed at the Turtle Bay Resort on the North Shore of Oahu and we had a week full of so many fun things to do it was awesome. The highlight of the trip was probably the Polynesian Cultural Center. It was so much fun walking around all the villages and the night show was awesome. We saw some really amazing spinner dolphins up close and got to feed a lot of really cool fish when we went snorkeling. The Jack Johnson concert was fun but very exhausting trying to find a parking spot in the very busy and congested Waikiki. We want to go again soon and probably just stay up on the North Shore as much as possible. It is so beautiful and there is so much more we want to do next time.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

A Whole New Life

So, I am kind of getting a start to a whole new life. The old life consisted of living in an apartment and driving 45 minutes (at least) each way to work and spending lots and lots of money on gas. Not only that but I worked in another state which required me to pay state income tax which really sucks by the way. I have recently had a job promotion to manage my own pharmacy which gives me the opportunity to work 2 miles from home. And better yet it is in the same state so not only do I save lots and lots of money on gas and state income tax but I can also walk or ride my bike to work (I am trying to talk my husband into letting me get a little Vespa scooter to drive to work). We have also recently found a house on the market that more than fits our needs and is a great price for the location. I tell ya, the slump in the housing market sure has blessed us. So we are moving into our first home in about a month. I am so excited! We have lots of plans to paint the rooms lots of cool colors and put new carpet upstairs and we are very excited to get started! How long does closing take anyway? Can't those people just get out of our house already, sheesh?!

So lots and lots going on but lots and lots of good things. And a puppy will be joining our family as soon as possible!

Some Pharmacy Stories

I haven't written in a while so I thought I would share a few funny stories that I have experienced lately.

Need some Echinacea

These lady came up to me and asked, "Do you have any Echinacea?"

"Why yes we do, let me show you where that is." As I take her out to the vitamin eisle she asks, "do you have any liquid A?"

I answered back a little confused, "I don't think we have any liquid vitamin A but we can look."

She answered back, "no, do you have any liquid Echinacea, eh?"

Yeah, she was Canadian, she never wanted any liquid vitamin A.

A Hooker is Cheaper

This lady comes up to the counter and is enquiring about Caverject, which you may not know is sort of like liquid viagra that you have to inject into the male penis. Yes, you read correctly...inject!!

She apparently has been having a hard time finding the stuff because there has been a short supply of the injection. Yes, again you read correctly, there has been a short supply of a medication that is injected into the penis.

So we looked it up on our suppliers website to see if we could get any in stock for her. And by george we could! We let her know it could be in the next day no problem. So she asks how much it is because her insurance will not pay for it since it isn't medically necessary, even though her husband strongly disagrees with that (I should note that this lady is kind of scary looking and the fact that her husband thinks caverject is medically necessary is a little too much information for me). So we look up the price and let her know that a package of two injections is $170.00. Her eyes open to the size of...well, never mind we don't need to be comparing sizes do we, and she yells, "How much did you say?"

"Um, well $170 dollars."

"I don't think so, he can get a hooker for cheaper than that for all I care. It isn't worth that much to me."

And I am not kidding when I say she yelled this right in the middle of the pharmacy with LOTS of people in line. I'm just glad her husband wasn't there.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

The craziest phone call far at least

I mentioned that my last post wasn't my craziest phone call ever so I thought I would tell you about my craziest phone call ever. It happened when I was still an intern about 2 years ago. I answered the phone and this is what happened.

Me: Hello, Shopko pharmacy this is Jen.

Man: Yes, I was wondering if you could help me with something.

Me: Sure, I can see what I can do.

Man: Well, ya see I have my meat here and me and my woman are trying to do the hibbity-dibbity and I can't get it up. Is there something I can do about that?

Me: Well...uh. (I'm thinking, is this guy serious because if he is, I can't laugh at him but if he isn't I should hang up on him. But just in case he is serious I have to give good customer service so I tried to answer his question).

Man: Isn't there something over the counter I can take for this?

Me: Well, the only things I know about that are proven to help with this problem are only available with a prescription.

Man: Are you sure there isn't something over the counter I can use.

Me: No sir, there is not anything that I would recommend for you that is over the counter. You may want to call GNC. They might have something herbal for you to try.

So, I have to admit, I have recommended several crazy individuals such as the man on the phone to GNC. I always wonder if there is some poor guy working there who gets to help the weird ED guy as well as the little high school girl from India who wanted something to enhance her breast size.

Crazy Fake Nurses

I had a pretty crazy phone call the other day. It definitley wasn't my weirdest one ever but it is up there. It was 9:00 on a Thursday morning and I was by myself with 3 of my techs. I answered the phone and a man with a hispanic accent is on the other end....the fact that he is a man with a hispanic accent is very important to the story. Here is the conversation...seriously.

Me: Hello, Shopko pharmacy this is Jen.

Nurse: Yes I would like to call in a prescription, can I speak to the pharmacist.

Me: That's me.

Nurse: (speaking quickly in hispanic) Oh, great. I would like to call in a prescription for Andy Anderson (name change). I need to call in Lortab 5/500...then there is another 5 off to the side I guess you know what that means. And the doctor is Dr. Swenson, you have filled for him before. And...

Me: Hold on, what is your name?

Nurse: Darcy.

Me: (I'm thinking this guys name is Darcy....) And your a nurse?

Darcy: Yeah, what's up? (lots of attitude)

Me: And what was the doctors name?

Darcy: Dr. Swenson, duh.

Me: And where are you calling from?

Darcy: (more attitude) Tanzana.

Me: And where is that?

Darcy: (even more attitude) LA! Hello! What is up with that?

Me: And your really a nurse?

Darcy: Yeah dude, what you don't believe me? (remember the hispanic accent from a boy named Darcy)

Me: Yeah, actually I don't believe you. I think you are trying to call in a fraudulant script. What is your phone number?

Darcy: What's up? Why do you want that?

Me: Because I am going to call you back and verify this script.

Darcy: Fine, it is 818-555-3938 and I will answer the phone when you call.

Me: Alright, sounds good.

I was being as polite as possible with my comments but my tone was definitely not polite when I was talking to Darcy. I was so mad at this point at this so-called-nurses rude attitude and arrogance. I had silenced all the techs and everyones attention was directed at me when I accused the nurse of trying to call in a fraudulant script. So I called the number back. And Darcy did not answer. A girl answered the phone:

Girl: Doctors office.

Me: Yes, is this Dr. Swanson's office?

Girl: Yes, it is.

Me: Yes, I would like to speak to Dr. Swanson please.

Girl: He isn't here today. Would you like to speak to his nurse Darcy.

Me: No I would not. Is there someone else I could talk to?

Girl: No there isn't he is the only nurse here today.

I thought it was kind of weird that there was no doctor in the office and that the only nurse was the hispanic boy named Darcy. So I told them to fax the prescription to me because I refused to talk to Darcy again. However, no fax came that day. In fact Darcy called later that night after I was off work and attempted to call it in to one of my coworkers. However, I had told them the whole story and my co-workers told them we would not fill prescription. Fraudulant script averted!! I couldn't believe how upset this person made me. I wish you could of heard the little boy named Darcy mouth off to me and try to get a narcotic filled from 3 states away. Yeah right buddy, only a rookie would fill that script.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

You want the truth??

Okay, so sometimes as a pharmacist you don't tell the whole truth. Take the following story as an example. A lady came to the drop off window with a prescription for an anti-depressant. I told her it would take about 5 to 10 minutes and went ahead and filled it. After she was rung up she wanted to be counseled on the prescription.

Customer: "So I was wondering if I could drink a few beers while I'm taking this medication."

Me: "Oh yeah, that is okay. There is no interaction with this medication and alcohol. Although, at first until you get used to it may make you a little drowsy and alcohol could intesify that side effect."

Customer: "But if I just have a beer or two that is okay."

Me: "Yeah, no problem."

Customer: "What if I drink like two or three beers a day, is that okay?"

Me: (Actually, I was thinking at this point well, I thought we were talking about the ocassional drink but you are talking about drinking like 2 or 3 beers a day, I'm pretty sure that makes you an alcoholic...but I don't really want to get into that with you so...) "That's okay."

Here is a case where I don't tell the whole truth. The only reason anyone would be drinking 3 beers a day is if they are in college (which this lady has far surpassed and I am pretty sure never went) or if they are an alcoholic. Of course you shouldn't be drinking that much lady!! The whole truth is that it is not okay to drink 3 beers a day, but the partial truth and my answer to keep my counsel session short and sweet, is yes, you can drink with this medication.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Why the title?

So I figured I should probably explain why I titled my blog "That's Me!!". Well, it is because that is the phrase I say the most at work. I guess to the world I am a young pharmacist. Everytime I answer the phone, talk to someone in the store or whatever, people say, "actually I want to talk to the pharmacist" and I say "That's me!". And then there is an uncomfortable pause on the phone or they say "Oh, I didn't realize, you sound so young." Or if I am talking to the person in person they say, "Oh, you look too young to the the pharmacist", "How old are you?!!", or my favorite one yet, "You can't be more than 18 years old". First off, it is really not that hard to believe that I am a pharmacist. I graduated when I was 17, almost 18, years school is 7 years...that means I was 24 when I graduated and I am now 25. What do you expect when you see a pharmacist, some old guy behind the counter?? One thing is for sure though, since I am the only woman pharmacist at the store I work at I am the one who gets to talk to all the women about vaginal dryness and anything else that goes on down south for us women. Ain't I the lucky one.

I finally did it

Alright, so I started my own blog. I have actually been thinking of it for sometime now but kept thinking what would I write about. I have no kids to tell funny stories about. I am not a writer or someone who would ever claim to have ever done well in English class on purpose. But I am a pharmacist who often times has hilarious stories about people from the other side of the counter. Don't worry, I will tell stories of myself as well.

I decided to finally start it while I was working. I am working right this second as a relief pharmacist at Target pharmacy. That's right, I am getting paid to write this! Isn't that crazy. Don't worry I am not abusing the Target corporation for their time. I have been here since 9 am this morning and we have only filled 37 prescriptions. And for those of you who don't know how slow that is, I usually work at Shopko and we do over 400 a day! So I am bored out of my mind!! So after reading my sister Shauna's and my sister-in-law Erin's posts and making lots of great comments I got bored again and decided, why don't I write my own blog. So, enjoy...I hope.