Saturday, January 26, 2008

Why the title?

So I figured I should probably explain why I titled my blog "That's Me!!". Well, it is because that is the phrase I say the most at work. I guess to the world I am a young pharmacist. Everytime I answer the phone, talk to someone in the store or whatever, people say, "actually I want to talk to the pharmacist" and I say "That's me!". And then there is an uncomfortable pause on the phone or they say "Oh, I didn't realize, you sound so young." Or if I am talking to the person in person they say, "Oh, you look too young to the the pharmacist", "How old are you?!!", or my favorite one yet, "You can't be more than 18 years old". First off, it is really not that hard to believe that I am a pharmacist. I graduated when I was 17, almost 18, years school is 7 years...that means I was 24 when I graduated and I am now 25. What do you expect when you see a pharmacist, some old guy behind the counter?? One thing is for sure though, since I am the only woman pharmacist at the store I work at I am the one who gets to talk to all the women about vaginal dryness and anything else that goes on down south for us women. Ain't I the lucky one.

I finally did it

Alright, so I started my own blog. I have actually been thinking of it for sometime now but kept thinking what would I write about. I have no kids to tell funny stories about. I am not a writer or someone who would ever claim to have ever done well in English class on purpose. But I am a pharmacist who often times has hilarious stories about people from the other side of the counter. Don't worry, I will tell stories of myself as well.

I decided to finally start it while I was working. I am working right this second as a relief pharmacist at Target pharmacy. That's right, I am getting paid to write this! Isn't that crazy. Don't worry I am not abusing the Target corporation for their time. I have been here since 9 am this morning and we have only filled 37 prescriptions. And for those of you who don't know how slow that is, I usually work at Shopko and we do over 400 a day! So I am bored out of my mind!! So after reading my sister Shauna's and my sister-in-law Erin's posts and making lots of great comments I got bored again and decided, why don't I write my own blog. So, enjoy...I hope.