Sunday, October 31, 2010

Addison's First Oreo

Chocolate...a girls first true love!

...or maybe not

The going ons...

Alright everyone, I officially suck at keeping up my blog but if any of you out there are paying attention to this at all anymore I should probably let you know the changes in our lives. We currently are no longer Spokane residents. I have been relocated thru work to be the new pharmacy manager in Lewiston. The last time I wrote was in the Summer and things have changed so fast. I got word in August that the position was available and I had an opportunity to move back home and be closer to family. Of course we took the opportunity and have made the transition back home. Our house is currently for sale in Spokane so if anyone is looking for an amazing house here it is!!It has been a great house and we love it so much. We are sad we have to leave our home but we are very excited about the new opportunities, the great new area we have to live and being so close to family. Adam and I went on a walk today and it was so beautiful outside. We love the river and small town feel of the valley.

For Halloween we went to Wilson Banner Ranch and picked some pumpkins from the pumpkin patch. It was so much fun. We went with Jeremy, Natalie, Ava and Emma and the girls had such a great time. Here are some great shots...For Halloween Addison was a cow and she is so cute in her costume. We plan to go to Sears and get her 10 months photos taken tomorrow in her outfit so we will have some good ones to hand out to family and friends. Here she is in her get up...

How ironic, a cow drinkin' milk!

We have also been going to Kaleb's Football games and watching him doing awesome as a quarterback, lineman, and tackle. Here is a pic from the most recent game, it was chilly.
Here is a photo of Addison hair do that she has been sporting recently (when she allows me to do it). We call it her bam-bam look.

And this is how she looks from my point of view most of the day. She is starting to walk already and has been for a good month now it seems like. She isn't too sturdy on her feet but she is pretty good at it when she does try to walk. She would just rather crawl because she is so much faster. She is such a cutie! We love her so much. She is so fun and happy and the life of the party!