Thursday, December 18, 2008

Snow Day!!!

At least for Adam it was. I had to walk to work. Another downfall of living close to work. It started snowing around 7:00 wednesday morning and finally stopped tonight around 4:00. But, actually I think it is snowing again right now as I am looking out the window. But here are a few pictures of the snow.

This is a picture of our table and chair set on our porch wednesday night. Measuring about 12 inches...

Here is a picture of the same set Thursday morning around 7:00, measuring 22 inches.

This is the latest picture from tonight around 6:30 measuring between 25 and 26 inches. Crazy huh!! I had to walk to work today because there still hasn't been a plow on our road so instead of getting stuck like everyone else in Spokane I decided to walk. Izzy and Adam were nice enough to walk with me. Izzy really loves the snow. She loves bounding through it like a rabbit. With how deep it is she gets lost easily in the white. Good thing she is a black lab.
Since the last time I wrote we have put christmas light up on our house and also our Christmas tree up. Our house looks really cool. I thought I would show a picture of the house before and after now so you can see just how much there really is. Here is the before...
Oh, so pretty right! And the after...
I guess I sang "White Christmas" a few too many times because it's here! Snow, snow, snow and more snow. I will leave you with a picture of our beautiful tree and don't worry about us, we are warm and safe.
Especially since we got our fireplace working in our living room. I love it, it is so cozy!

Merry Christmas everyone!! Hope you have fun and safe holiday!