Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Keith "The Hottie" Urban

Last night Adam and I were able to go to the Keith Urban Concert at the Spokane Arena. Let's just say it was amazing!! We were sitting on the left side of the stage in the risers in the 7th row so we have a perfect view of him the whole time. Plus there was a mike about 15 feet away from us that made me very happy when he sang at that one. He throws such an amazing concert and is such an awesome performer. He can play like the guitar like crazy!!! There was one point when he was playing and his hand was just a blur. I got some pretty good shots of him and also the opening band Little Big Town who are also amazing and Jimi Westbrook is really hot too so it was a good fun night. Little band is rockin'!! If you every get a chance to see then you should because they throw a great concert too. What a way to open the night!Don't worry Adam knows of my obsession for these guys and he is not threatened at all. He knows he is number one in my book!!
Here is a picture of me with Keith in the background at the end of the concert. This is really like 15 feet away even through the camera makes it look farther away than this. He was so awesome!! Adam also got to touch his hand as he was leaving the stage. We walked over to the side rails of the risers where he was walking off thestage and reached down. Adam was up higher than me but since he is so much taller and has longer arms (and not big prego belly in his way) he was able to reach Keith but I just barely missed his hand. How sad. Oh well, I still have the fact that he told me he loved me at the Gorge 4 years ago right :)

I just want to publicly apologize to Tara for forgetting to call her yesterday on her birthday. I blame it on two reasons...1. Keith was on my mind most of the day and that is quite the distraction and 2. I am pregnant and can barely remember one thing to the next. I have to check my work schedule every morning just to make sure I go to work at the right time. Sorry bud, I will make it up to you on Thursday when I see ya!! Love ya man.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Evergreen State Fair

This Labor Day Weekend Adam and I went to Monroe with his parents to go to the Evergreen State Fair. We were also able to spend some time with some really good friends of the family, Cindy and Ernie in Snohomish. It was a great time to be with then and to see then again. We got there on Saturday and enjoyed some great fair food, a few rides, the fair animals, Alaskan Pig Races and of course the actual races. This is something I hadn't experienced before but I must say the races were pretty cool. I mostly liked it when they wrecked. But let me tell you after they wreck it takes a while to get the race going again. Some of the best races were the figure eights in my opinion. Talk about a ton of close calls. Here is just a short glimps. I got tired of filming because I wasn't able to pay as much attention to the action.

Here are a few pictures of us enjoying the fair.