Thursday, January 7, 2010

11 Days old and lovin' it!

I'm sure you all figured out that Addison has come into the world by now. I was induced on the 28th and I have to say that it was a good experience. I know there are a lot of people out there who have negative feelings towards being induced or have had bad experiences but I have to say that mine wasn't bad at all. I went in at 7:30am and they started the pitocin drip at 9:00 and the doc came in at 10:00 to break my water...which hurts really bad by the way, I recommend getting an epidural before he does that. I was dialated at a 6 after that and then decided to get the epidural since the contractions started to be quite painful. I then had to wait. I took a lot of naps, as I waited until I could start pushing, it was quite nice. Around 3pm I was dilated at a 10 and fully effaced but they wanted to me to labor down so I wouldn't have to push as long. By 5 I was ready to start pushing and 2 hours later at 7:12pm little Addison was born. It is amazing how quickly you forget about all the pressure from pushing and how hard you had been working when they place your little girl on your belly and you finally see her. She is the most beautiful little baby and I am not just saying that because I am the proud mama...take a look for yourself
The picture of the mom is never supposed to look good, right? Proud (and sleepy) Papa

First Grandchild for Grandma & Grandpa Leonard

Addison is Grandchild number 10 but Grandma & Grandpa Barnes are just as proud!

All in all things are going great for us.

Little Addison is such a good baby and we couldn't be happier.


Rob & Shannon LaFontaine said...

She's adorable! I'm glad your experience was so good. I didn't mind being induced either, but I know some people don't like it at all. I'm glad you're all doing well and Addison is a good little girl for you! I can't wait to meet her! We may be making a trip up the end of March, so we'll keep you posted and hopefully meet each others daughters. :) Take care and keep the pictures coming!

Rob & Shannon LaFontaine said...

Okay, so something else I just noticed is that Addison is grandbaby number one for Adam's parents and number 10 for your parents. Avery is the exact same! Number one for Rob's parents and number 10 for my parents. How crazy is that?! :)

Rhonda Barnes said...

What awesome pictures....she is sooo cute!!! love mom and grandma

tara said...

wah...this is me crying because i haven't been able to see her in person yet. i really wish i could've been there that first week to help you out. i'm glad things have been going well though. our kids (and andy) are finally rid of the snot monster so we can come soon! i can't wait to come snuggle with the little dudette and let you get some much needed slumber. good luck and can't wait to see you!

ps get ready for some much needed tomato street...what what!

~ Megan ~ said...

Barnes! Or Jen! Or whatever you go by now. I'm so glad I found your blog! Congratulations! I saw Adam at basketball Wednesday and I wanted to ask him about you but I don't know if he remembers ever meeting me. And I didn't want to scare your poor husband haha. Anyway, she's a beauty! Congrats again!

The Rupps said...

Jen she is so cute! COngratulations! I love her dark hair. I also have to agree with you on being induced...I liked it. No complaints here.
Congratulations...Hopefully the next time we are in Spokane we can stop by and visit.