Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas Newsletter 2011

2011 has brought a lot of changes for us and we are very excited for the new opportunities for us! We finally sold our house in Spokane in June and were able to buy a new house here in Clarkston that we love! We bought a 3 bedroom home (our only wish is that it was a four bedroom) and after two months of working on it we were able to move out of my parents basement and into our new home with fresh paint and brand new carpet. Can I say how much I love brand new carpet! Love it!

Addison is turning two this December and I can't believe how fast the time has gone! She is talking like crazy and she is so funny. She loves to color and is starting to learn her colors and is able to count to ten (except for 3, 6 and 8, she skips those). Her hair is growing so long and she has already had two hair cuts within just a few months. She is so much fun and we are trying to explain to her that she has a baby brother or sister coming on the way but every time we tell her there is a baby in mommy's belly she just looks for mommy's belly button. I know she will be a great big sister though because she loves her baby dolls and stuffed animals so much and is constantly snuggling them and putting them to bed and changing their "boppers".

Addison the Lady Bug

So from the previous paragraph you can gather that I am pregnant and the due date is May 19th. We are excited and we will find out what we are having in a few weeks. I am sort of leaning towards a boy just based on my own intuition but I guess we'll know soon enough. I am still working for the Shopko pharmacy and enjoy my job. I have to say that I am looking forward to 4 1/2 months of maternity and the best part is that it will be during the summer months this time! Oh yeah! How's that for planning!

Adam is working at Potlatch No. 1 Federal Credit Union as a loan officer and loves it. He has been there for a year now and looks forwards to growing with the company. He started a new calling with the young men and enjoys working with the youth of the church. He loves having our own home again and I can't seem to get him to stop mowing the lawn or vacuuming the house. He just loves to take care of our home.

Addison Loving on Grandpa

We went on our yearly trip to Seaside Oregon this year and Mom, Dad and Denise joined us. We had so much fun going together and playing on the beach. Addison had a blast running in the water and playing in the sand. We went to the tide pools on Canon Beach and we rented the sand bikes again this year. We had lots of fun on the beach at night hunting for sand dollars and also crabs in the sand. I'll tell you that finding a crab in the sand at night, getting it to come out and it running towards you can be a little scary and hilarious at the same time!

We are so excited to be living in Clarkston, our new home, our new friends and being closer to family. We are looking forward to the many new opportunities and adventures that await us and especially the new baby! We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year! Love, the Leonards

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